Standard Office Swivel Chair With Full Upholstery

The comfortable office swivel chair with adjustable seat angle impresses with its modern design and ergonomic functionality. The back, with adjustable lumbar support, can be locked in 4 positions and protects the lumbar vertebrae, even when sitting for longer periods.

  • Elegant, sturdy black plastic base
  • Load-dependent braked safety casters prevent unintentional rolling away
  • Ergonomically shaped backrest
  • Stepless gas lift height adjustment including seat depth suspension: 17.72″ – 22.05″
  • Synchronous mechanism: Spring force or resistance can be adjusted to body weight



  • Upholstery fabric price group 2
  • Upholstery fabric price group 3
  • Upholstery fabric price group 4
  • Soft casters for hard floors

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