Designed for performance. Crafted for sustainability.

Learning Environments For The 21st Century

Made in Germany by a team of 400 in-house experts.
Discover productive, comfortable learning environments with MONARQUE.


MONARQUE is a Canadian company committed to the conception, design & production of educational furniture for the 21st century. We’ve brought together some of the industry’s leaders in furniture selection & interior design to provide educational furniture that places the comfort, welfare and performance of the user at its core.

We stand by our Quality Commitment with all of our pieces made in Germany using expert European craftsmanship and sustainable, low-emission resources and production processes. Ergonomically designed and fully flexible, our products are adaptable to the unique teaching challenges of today.

Transform your learning environment with MONARQUE.


We’re standing by the standards of our design, materials & craftsmanship with our Quality Commitment; transforming educational performance with furniture created with high-class, proofed materials. We’ve made all of our pieces with individual care and a lifetime’s use in-mind.


Our Planet Pledge guarantees that our production process avoids tropical woods and substances containing solvents whilst remaining significantly below the legal emission limits, with reduced packaging, efficient waste disposal and low dust & sound pollution.


We display ‘Made in Germany’ certification on our products, verifying that our furniture has been crafted by our German-based production site of 400 experts. We pride ourselves on the aesthetics, quality & performance of our European-crafted pieces.