Flex Gas Lift Swivel Chair with Foot Ring

The ergonomically shaped FLEX seat shell made of robust and recyclable polypropylene is equipped with the easy-to-clean A2S surface structure. The special shape allows different sitting positions and ensures comfort in all directions.

The safety gas spring with easy-to-operate hand release sits on a robust 5-star aluminum base, which is available epoxy-coated in many attractive colors as standard or optionally in polished aluminum.

  • FLEX seat shell with grip hole, easy to carry due to its low weight
  • Robust aluminum base with elevation and chrome-plated foot ring, height adjustable
  • Simple operation of the height adjustment due to safety gas spring
  • Optional seat shell with full upholstery from size 5 possible
  • Optionally with load-dependent braked casters
  • Seat shell with integrated ventilation channels – the closed surface prevents soiling and thus mold formation in the shell interior



  • Fully upholstered FLEX (size 5-7)
  • Polished aluminum base
  • Felt floor protectors
  • Load-dependent braking casters (SH +1.18″)
  • Locking casters (SH +1.18″)

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