Flex C Shape Chair

The Flex plastic pan C-Shape Chair supports muscle tone with its ergonomic shape and promotes variable, anti-tiring sitting. The Flex also has integrated ventilation channels to relieve the spine and a closed, segmented seat and backrest to prevent contamination and mold-growth in the cavities of the shell. The handle hole in the lumbar region and handles in the upper backrest and chair bottom facilitate easy transport and stacking for all ages. Additional add-ons including a book storage basket are also available for an additional cost.
– Plastic pan made from robust recyclable polypropylene
– Inverse, saddle, and casual sitting are supported by the shape
– Easy clean
– Powder-Coated Steel or Chrome frame
– Floor Safe Protectors that prevent indentations on the floor and give the chair a secure grip even when tilted.
– Stacks 4 chairs high


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