We transform your school and learning commons into a place where everyone feels comfortable. With us you can you can achieve unique atmospheres with high-quality-furniture!

classroom furniture canada


There are all manner of theories on how people can successfully acquire and absorb new knowledge. But they have one thing in common: you learn and teach best where you feel comfortable


All our staff members are part of the process of the continuous improvement of quality and prevention of environmental damage, or where this is not possible, of reducing the extent of this damage. We are thus committed to protecting the environment.


‘Made in Germany’ is a marker for both the origin and quality of the furniture. Made from high-class, proofed materials, this furniture is created through skilled craftsmanship using modern technologies to ensure functionality, a lifetime of use, ecological sensitivity and social fairness.

Collaboration spaces are a must in today’s learning environments.

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We are Canadian Company committed to the latest design of 21st century learning environments and libraries in the future!

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