Flex Z Shape Chair

The ergonomically shaped FLEX seat shell made of robust and recyclable polypropylene is equipped with the easy-to-clean A2S surface structure. The special shape allows different sitting positions and ensures comfort in all directions.

The worldwide patented Z-shape frame supports the toning of the back muscles and relieves the spine when sitting. The 3D rocking effect allows movement, thus promoting blood flow to the brain and enabling greater concentration.

  • FLEX seat shell with grip hole, easy to carry due to its low weight
  • Innovative Z-frame supports the toning of the muscles through 3D movement
  • Optional seat shell with full upholstery from size 5 possible
  • Seat shell with integrated ventilation channels – the closed surface prevents soiling and thus mold formation in the shell interior
  • Extremely robust Z-shape frame due to 0.10″ wall thickness with the 3-component A2S FLOORSAFE® floor protectors.
  • Protective pads attached to the underside of the chair protect the table when it is placed on the tabletop
  • 2 chairs stackable and easy to carry due to low weight
  • Shell shape allows various comfortable sitting positions, including reverse sitting due to folded elbow support


  • Chair frame chrome plated
  • FLOORSAFE® felt floor protectors
  • Fully upholstered FLEX (size 5-7)

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